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Executive Air  Charter

Advantages of Executive Charter Service:

  • Time Savings
  • Reduced Stress on key employees
  • Multiple location tours in a limited time.
  • Superior schedule flexibility
  • Improved customer contact and support
  • En route work efficiency
  • Ability to respond promptly
  • Personal security
  • Privacy and industrial security
  • Certificates & Licenses

View our charter aircraft

We currently have on our inventory a light jet (Learjet 35A) and a midsize turbo prop (King Air B -100).
Offering near non stop coast to coast range, the Learjet 35A is the only light jet with the range to payload profile that can fly non-stop to Phoenix, Albuquerque and Denver from Ohio and can fly non-stop from the west coast to Ohio.

Our King Air B-100 has the proven reliability, room and performance to fly you safely and comfortably into all but the shortest paved runways in the country. An excellent aircraft for trips less than 300 miles.

Just as important, Crow has been in the air charter business for over 60 years. We can locate the safest, most economical aircraft to precisely fit the needs of your business or leisure travel requirements. Through our time proven network of air charter operators, we are able to offer one way pricing for extended stay trips, as well as single day and overnight round trips.

All these services are yours without any financial obligation up front. No need to have money on deposit. No continuing monthly management fees. Pay for just what you need and just what you use.

By 2005, it is absolutely clear you’ll have gridlock, and it may come several years earlier. Any (commercial airline) flight involving a connection will become a daylong excursion.’
— ANTHONY J. BRODERICK former FAA official

Commercial airline travel can be a nightmare... Ever fought your way through a crowded terminal to wait in line for 45 minutes before departure? Ever tried to visit a client at a smaller city with limited or no commercial airline service? Ever left a day ahead of time and returned the day after your meeting to fit the airline's flight schedule instead of your own? Ever tried to have some privacy on a commercial flight?

Now imagine... Arriving 5 minutes before departure time and stepping right on the airplane. Having the whole aircraft to yourself and your collegues. Going over your important presentation while flying to your destination. Landing at an airport 5 minutes from your meeting site with a sedan, limo or rental car waiting at the airplane. With Executive Charter Services you can accomplish all of this and more.

When it comes to managing your company and the people in it, there never seems to be enough time. That's why you shouldn't overlook a tool that puts time back on your side. Executive Charter Services is a tool that makes time fly in your favor.