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Aircraft Management

Owning an aircraft is now a viable option to business and high net worth travelers.

Crow Executive Air can show you how to have all the safety, reliability and convenience of owning your own aircraft with none of the management, maintenance or personnel problems.

We offer complete turnkey management of privately owned aircraft. We can even show you how to offset some of your fixed cost by allowing us to put to work your unused time in our nationwide air charter marketing program.

For the frequent business traveler we present a unique business offer; a sensible option for the businessman who watches the horizon, while keeping his eye on the bottom line.

Owning an aircraft is more affordable than ever, making it a viable option for business travelers. From the Chief Executive who likes to travel in comfort and privacy, on his own schedule to the stressed-out salesman, trying to cram 12 cities into one week, owning your own aircraft is often the route to eliminating stress and travel hassles.