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Department of Homeland Security

420 Madison Avenue, Suite 500, Toledo, Ohio 43604

October 23, 2003


TO: Aircraft Operators, Aircraft Pilots, Fixed Base Operators and Other Interested Parties

SUBJECT: Aircraft Entrances and Clearances at Toledo Express Airport and Toledo Metcalf Airport

This Pipeline is being issued to update and review the procedures and requirements for entering and clearing aircraft at the Toledo Express Airport (KTOL) and Toledo Metcalf Airport (KTDZ). A single telephone number is being implemented to help simplify the procedures for requesting service for aircraft arriving from and departing to foreign countries. This change is a result of the merger of Customs and Immigration Inspectors into the Bureau of Customs and Border protection (CBP) within the Department of Homeland Security.


Toledo Express Airport (KTOL) and Toledo Metcalf Airport (KTDZ) are designated as "landing rights" airports. Permission to land at landing rights airports must be obtained in advance of contemplated use when arriving from a foreign country. In order to have an officer present to provide inspectional service for you and your aircraft, a minimum of two hours advanced notice of your estimated time of arrival is required.

Landing rights must be requested and obtained during regular business hours (0800-1630), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, by calling 419-259-6424. Requests for Saturday and Sunday service must be made prior to 1630 hours on Friday. The maximum number of passengers allowed per flight is 15.


All operators of commercial aircraft departing the United States for foreign countries must obtain an outward clearance from CBP prior to departure. Operators departing from the Toledo/Northwest Ohio area must request outbound clearances by calling 419-259-6424 during normal business hours as listed above. All requests for clearances must be made and required paperwork filed a minimum of two hours prior to departure. This is necessary to ensure that sufficient time remains for CBP to undertake any necessary examination of the aircraft, crew, passengers, or cargo.

Departures without cargo

When departing for a foreign country with no export cargo, commercial operators may apply to clear by telephone in advance with the Customs office nearest the departure location. Such aircraft may clear by telephone in advance if departing empty or carrying only passengers for hire. Upon the granting of a clearance, CBP will verbally issue an outbound clearance number.

Departures with cargo

Aircraft departing with commercial cargo are not eligible for verbal clearances as outlined above. Either a "complete" or "incomplete" manifest must be presented to CBP when requesting an outbound clearance. With CBP approval, documents may be presented via facsimile at 419-259-3703.

A "complete" manifest consists of:

  • A general declaration on Customs Form 7507,
  • An air cargo manifest on Customs Form 7509 listing all information of cargo laden
    or, a copy of each air waybill attached to a CF 7509 with the number of air waybills and the following statement listed:"Cargo as per Air Waybills Attached"
  • Shipper's Export Declarations (SEDs) on Department of Commerce Form 7525-V when required.

If the information for filing a "complete" manifest is not available at the time the request for an outbound clearance is made, the port director may accept in lieu thereof an "incomplete (proforma)" manifest

"Incomplete" manifest forms and conditions:

  • A general declaration on Customs Form 7507 with the following statement of the form:
    "All required documents will be filed within the 4-day bond period"
  • A clearance number will be issued by CBP on the CF 7507 for each clearance. This number should be referenced when filing the complete manifest.
  • A "complete" manifest, as listed above and referencing the clearance number, must be presented to CBP within four business days of the date on which the clearance was granted.

Should you have any questions concerning the above procedures and requirements, please contact Interim Port Director Craig L. Vette at 419-259-6424.