Aircraft Rental and Instruction

Dream of Flying?


 Maybe you’ve envisioned yourself flying a private jet amongst the clouds but believe it’s impossible for you. Many people believe obtaining a private pilot certificate is a long process with many hours of classes and rigorous tests. 

Let Us Make it Happen


At Crow Executive Air Flight School we make your flying dreams a reality. With our laid back atmosphere, patient instructors, and classes set to your pace, we are your best choice in flight instruction. Crow Flight School takes you where you want to go!

We Like to Have Fun


Crow Executive Flight School is located at Toledo Executive Airport and is dedicated to helping our students become responsible, knowledgeable, and adventurous pilots. We enjoy time spent with all of our students! 



Did you know the minimum requirement to solo an airplane is 10 hours of flight and to be 16 years old? Find out what other requirements you need to fulfill your dream of flying as a private pilot. No better time to start then now!

Great Landing


Check out Mitchell Hiatt's solo landing! A pilot needs to be prepared to land in any kind of situation. Crow Flight School prepares you for different weather elements so you can succeed no matter what! 

Come Join Us!


Our flight school is located at: 

Toledo Executive Airport

28331 Lemoyne Road 

Millbury, Ohio 43447. 

Call us at 419-838-6921 to schedule a time to visit and  hear about our school!

Aircraft Rental

Are you interested in renting one of our aircraft? We offer a Cherokee 140/160 and a Cessna 152. Click the button below to find out more information about renting and scheduling.

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